Saturday, September 25, 2010


So long boy, you can take my place,
Got my papers, and I got my pay.
So pack my bags and I'll be on my way to Yellow River..
Put my gun down, the war is won,
Fill my glass high, well the time has come,
I'm going back to the place that I love, Yellow River.

* Yellow River.., Yellow River..
It's in my mind and in my eyes.
Yellow River..,Yellow River..
It's in my blood, it's the place I love.
I've got no time for explanations,
Got no time to loose.
Tomorrow I should finally sleeping,
Underneath the moon at Yellow River.

Candle fires in my mind,
I'm so glad that I am still alive.
And I’ve been gone for such a long time
from Yellow River.
I remember the nights were cool,
I can still see the water flood
And I remember the girl that I know
from Yellow River

Repeat * 2 x to fade out

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