Friday, September 24, 2010



Wake up little Suzie, wake up,
wake up little Suzie, wake up.
We've both been sound asleep.
Wake up little Suzie and weep.
The movie's over it's four o'clock
and we're in trouble deep.

* Wake up little Su..zie wake up little Su..zie.
Well what are they going to tell your mama.
What are they going to tell your pop.
What are they going to tell our friends when they say
Oo-la-la..Wake up a little Su,,zie, Wake up a little Su..zie.

% Went and told your mama that we'd be in by ten
Well Suzie baby looks like we've goofed again.
Repeat *
# The movie wasn't so hot
it didn't have much of a plot
We fell asleep our goose is cooked
our reputation is shot.
Repeat ….*…. % …. *.…#
Wake up little Su..zie, Wake up little Su..zie.
We gotta go home..

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