Friday, September 3, 2010


Doris Day , 1956

When I Was Just A Lttle Girl,
I Asked My Mother “What Will I Bee”?
Will I Be Pretty, Will I Be Rich ?
“Here’s What She Said To Me:
* Que Sera Sera,
What Ever Will Be Will Be
The Future’s Not Ours To See,
Que Sera Sera, What Will Be Will Be
When I Was Just A Child In School,
I Asked My Teacher “What Should I Try” ?
Should I Paint Picture, Should I Sing Songs
“This Was Her Wise Reply :
(Repeat * )
When I Grew Up And Feel In Love,
I Asked My Sweet Heart “What Lies A Head”
Will We Have Rainbows, Day After Day ?
“Here’s What My Lover Said :
(Repeat *)
Now I Have Children Of My Own,
They Asked Their Mother “What Will I Be” ?
Will I Be Pretty, Will I Be Rich ?
“ I Tell Them Tenderly :
(Repeat * )

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