Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Neil Sedaka

% Woh who who who yeah, yeah, yeah.. hey.. little devil.
Woh who who who yeah, yeah, yea.. hey.. little devil.

Hey little devil you're always runnin' around.
It's time that someone started bringing you down.
There'll be, some changes made.
Your rovin' days are through.

* Hey little devil..
I'm gonna make an angel out of you.

Hey little devil.. you got me all in a whirl..
You're a cute little devil.
And I'm gonna make you my girl.
You're out to break my heart. But just before you do.
Repeat *
They say beware but I don't care.
I love you just the same
You're an old heart breaker and a mischief maker.
But I'm wise to your name. Woh woh who.

# Hey little devil everything is gonna be fine..
'Cause someday soon I'm gonna make you all mine..
There'll be no runnin' around.You met your Waterloo..
Repeat *
Woh woh who….. Repeat #
Repeat % 2 X

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