Monday, August 30, 2010


Petula Clark

We choose it.., win or lose it.
Love is never quite the same..
I love you, now I’ve lost you.
Don’t feel bad you’re not to blame.
I know now I must go now.
Though my heart wants me to stay..
That girl is your tomorrow.
I belong to….

* So kiss.. me good bye...
and I’ll try.. not to cry..
All the tears in the world.
Won’t change your mind..
There’s.. some one new…
And she’s wai..ting for you..
Soon your heart.. will be leaving me behind..

** Li..nger a while.. then I’ll go.. with a smile..
Like a friend who just happens to call…
For the last time.. pretend.. you are mine..
My dar..ling, kiss me good bye…
My dar..ling, kiss me good bye

( Repeat * and ** )

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