Monday, August 30, 2010



Julie oh Julie... Life not the seem in the mooth.
There’s not a thingsthat’s what li..ving for,
now that you gone away.
Julie.., Julie…Why couldn’t you have stay..

# I remember the days
that we spend together.
Happiness no wind no months.
At that time we have please..
it would like.. forever..
From this cloud there was just no way down..

* But it’s seem.. there’s all have to end..
And I’m left here alone not a friend…
No one.. to cheer.. me.. and no one to say..
Julie and surely come back..…
( No one.. to cherry.. and no one.. to say….
Julie was surely come back... some…day.. )

Julie…….. Darling, Julie…
How come you not thinking of me.
Now don’t recall.. I would was.
I was were that it always would be.
Julie, Julie ….Why don’t you come back to me.
Repeat # & * 2x

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