Friday, August 27, 2010


Hush, not a word.. to Marry..,
she means the word to me.
Don’t wanna loost.. her..
Oooh.. hush, not a word.. to Marry..,
don’t let her know.. I stay here with you.
Marry’s got, listening, all the phone she’d phone.
Tired of you to ask me around.
Knowing I’m alone..
A cigarette, a glass of wine.
A little hamless wine,
they call me that of this and that.
Never could hurt an any car
Oooh.., not aword.. to Marry..,
She may an understand, and she may worry..
Oooh.., hush not a word.. to Marry..,
Don’t want her crying over the thing.. at all..
Marry does everything, keeping me.. in mind..
Loving me.. so faithfully.. and constantly I find.
I think of her and long for her.
When she’s not around.
I love her so, I’m sure you know.
I never could.. let her down..

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