Sunday, August 22, 2010



Dear John…, oh how I hate to write.
Dear John…, I must letyou know tonight.
That my love for you has gone,
There’s no reason to go on.
For tonight I wed another.., dear John.

1st recitation:
I was over seas in battle when the postman came to me and handed me a letter.
Oh, I was happy as could be.
You see, the fighting was all over and the battle.
They’d all been won.
Then I opened up the letter and then it at started
, dear John.

2st recitation:
Will you please send back my picture ?
You see, my husband wants it now.
When I tell you who I’m wedding.
You won’t care, dear anyhow.
Now the ceremony has started and I’ll wed you brother don.
Please wish us happiness, forever, dear John.

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